Literature about Viminacium and/or Dacia

Pick, Behrendt - Die antiken Münzen Nord-Griechenlands, band I. (Berlin, 1898).
This book is free downloadable on the internet. It contains a chapter on the coins of Dacia and Viminacium. For its time it is very informative and contains a catalog of coins which were then known to exist. Recommended!

Moushmov, Nikola - Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula and the Coins of the Bulgarian Monarchs (Античните монети на Балкански полуостров и монетите на българските царе). (Bulgaria 1912).
This book is translated and converted for internet publication and is available for reading here. It is a simple summary of coin types unfortunately with little pictures.

Orlov, Georgije - Viminacijum, Emisije lokalnog novca. Univerzitet, Beogradski grafički zavod. (Beograd, 1970).
This book does not have an easy accessibility because it is written in Serbian. It contains some photo's but the coins that were photographed are in bad quality of conservation. If you can obtain a copy you can scan it with OCR and translate it with google.

Martin, Ferenc - Kolonial Prägungen aus Moesia Superior und Dacia. (Budapest-Bonn, 1992).
This book is often quoted and referred to. It has a nice introduction on the coins of Viminacium followed by a catalog with many varieties. Martin was in the fortunate position to study some large Viminacium coin collections. The catalog part unfortunately does not contain photographs but drawings of the coins. In the back of the book however are 8 plates with photographs but not of all varieties mentioned in the catalog part. Unfortunately the book is out of print and only available antiquary. It is however recommended and i'am gratefull that a copy was offered to me.

Varbanov, Ivan - Greek imperial coins, Vol. 1 Dacia, Moesia Superior, Moesia Inferior. (Bourgas, 2005).
Catalogue in the style of the books of David Sear. For Dacia and Viminacium I find this book a disappointment. There is no background information whatsoever. The catalogue part has a very confusing set up and has some errors. If you buy the book only for Viminacium and/or Dacia then I don't recommend it.

Koczev, Aleksandar Ing. - Catalog provincial coins of Viminacium the capital of the Roman province of Upper Moesia (2008).
Simple and cheap catalogue on the coins of Viminacium. The few photographs are not great quality. The book contains mostly simple line drawings. It is however very usable if you only want to know what was struck in Viminacium in whose name and what text varieties exist. More recommended than Varbanov.

Short articles:

Cristian Gazdac - Centre and periphery, the Roman military policy regarding the lower Danube provinces at the mid 3rd century AD.

Cristian gazdac - The monetary circulation and the abandonment of Dacia (1998).

Cristian Gazdac - Monetary circulation in Panonia Superior (2002).

Cristian Gazdac - The distribution of the silver counterfeited coins in the forts in Roman Dacia (2009).

Agnes Alfoldi & Cristian Gazdac - The role of coinage Provincia Dacia in the supply with bronze ccoinage on the area of the lower Danube (246-257).

Cristian Gazdac - Aspects of coin circulation in Roman Dacia. ROMAN COINS OUTSIDE THE EMPIRE, Ways and Phases, Contexts and Functions. INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW. Published in collection moneta 82 (2008).

Cristian Gazdac & Agnes Alfoldi - Management of the monetary crisis? The ‘PMS COL VIM’ and ‘PROVINCIA DACIA’ coinages in the Roman monetary policy of the 3rd century AD. (Vienna 2008).

Agnes Alfoldi & Cristian Gazdac - Moneda Provincia Dacia, a coinage for one province only? (246-257). (2004).

Lajoz Juhasz - The reverse types from the local mint of Viminacium, an iconographic analysis (2011).

Dave Surber - History and Coinage of Dacia.

Peter Kos - The Provincia Moesia Superior in Viminacium (1992).

Peter Kos - Medallions from the local mint of Viminacium.

All of the above mentioned articles you can find on the internet. Just search with google on the name of the article and/or the name of the author.